Pod - Celestial tab

Artist:P.O.D - Sattelite
song: Celestial
tabbed by: Peter (andrei@go2.pl)

tuning DGCFAD

D|----5---5---5---3---3---3-----------8---8---8---5---5---5----|A|-3----3---3---3---3---3---3----3/6----6---6---6---6---6---6--|F|-2------2---2---2---2---2------2/5------5---5---5---5---5----|C|-------------------------------------------------------------|G|-------------------------------------------------------------|D|-------------------------------------------------------------| x times
Marcos is using in this little distortion, some kind of reverb and flanger. This song is very simple to play, just play it a few time. Pleas e-mail me if you have any suggestions!
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