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"Breathe Babylon"
Rescue Records
1996 Wuvy Songs/Kupihea Music/Concierto Vibe Music
Tabbed by Ben Lewis  (sprtflldhrdcr@juno.com)

My first tabb was a little sloppy, so I cleaned it up.  Hopefully this
one is easier to read.

*NOTE*  Drop D Tuning

Intro:E] --------------------B] -----------7-7-7-7-7-G] -----------5-5-5-5-5-D] -7-7-7-7-7-----------A] -5-5-5-5-5-----------D] ---------------------
Intro (second part):E] -------B] -------G] -------D] -1-1-1-A] -1-1-1-D] -1-1-1-
Chorus:E] --------------B] --------------G] --------------D] -4/3\4--4/3\4-A] -4/3\4--4/3\4-D] -4/3\4--4/3\4-
Verse:E] ---------------------------B] ---------------------------G] ---------------------------D] ---------------------------A] -5-5-5-5/6\3--3/5\3--3/5\3-D] ---------------------------
Chorus Verse Chorus
Chorus #2: (end chorus #2 on this:0E] ---------------------- E] -----B] ---------------------- B] -----G] ---------------------- G] -----D] ---------------------- D] -----A] -5-5-5-8-6-5--5-5/6\3- A] -5-5-D] ---------------------- D] -----
Verse Chorus
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