Pod - Sleeping Awake tab

			  Sleeping Awake - P.O.D.
Album: 'Matrix: Reloaded' Soundtrack
Tabbed by:  Alejandro D'Brot 

จ= palm mute
/= slide up
\= slide down
x= muted note or chord

Tuning: Standard D - DGCFAd

NOTE: The strumming rythm is only indicated for the verse... for the rest of the
song, find out what is more comfortable for you.

[ verse ]

d|----------------------------------------------------------------------------|A|----------------------------------------------------------------------------|F|-9-9--9--9----------9-9--9--9-----------1010-10-10--------------------------|C|-x-x--x--x----------x-x--x--x------------x-x--x--x-----------5-5--5--3--3-3-|G|-7-7--7--7----------7-7--7--7------------8-8--8--8-----------5-5--5--3--3-3-|D|-----------0--0--0------------0---0---0------------0--0--0-0-3-3--3--1--1-1-| จจจ
[ chorus ]
[ bridge ]
|i: d|-----|----------------------------------------------------------------|A|-----|----------------------------------------------------------------|F|--7--|--------11-----------------------------7--------------7---------|C|--5--|-----9------9-----------7-----------8-----8--------5-----5------|G|--3--|--7----7-------7-----5-----5-----6----6------6--3----3-------3--|D|--3--|------------------3----3------3---------------------------------|
This is overlapped the third & fourth time:d|---------------------------------------------------------|A|---------------------------------------------------------|F|---------------------------------------------------------|C|-12~---------12~-8--12~-10--9~--12~-------12~-8--12~-10--|G|-------10---------------------------10-------------------|D|---------------------------------------------------------|
[ outro ]
d|--------------------| A|--------------------|F|--------------------|C|-2-2--2--2-5--2--5--|G|-2-2--2--2-5--2--5--|D|-0-0--0--0-3--0--3--|PM.จจจจจจจจจ
End On: d|-----|A|-----| F|-----| C|--2--|G|--2--|D|--0--|
Order: [ verse ] x4 Reveal to me the mysteries Can you tell me what it means? Explain these motions and metaphors Unlock these secrets in me Describe your vision, the meaning is missing Won't anybody listen? Define the riddles of my mind Nothing is strictly what it seems [ chorus ] ix2 Dreaming of Zion, Awake Sleeping Awake Dreaming of Zion, Awake Can't stop Sleeping Awake iix2 Do you see what I see? And can you hear what I hear? Do you feel what I feel? Can't stop Sleeping Awake Do you see what I see? And can you hear what I hear? Do you feel like I feel? Can't stop Sleeping... [ verse ] x4 Can you see it? The writing, Can you tell me what it means? Translate the symbols, Enigma Expressions keep questioning me The message is written, the meaning is missing Won't anybody Listen? Prophesy, interpretate the signs Nothing is really what it seems [ chorus ] ix2, iix2 [ bridge ] ix4 Do you see what I see? Can you hear what I hear? And do you see what I see? And can you hear what I hear? And do you feel like I feel? And can you dream like I dream? ii Do you see what I see? Can you hear what I hear? Or do you feel like I feel? Or do you dream like I dream? Anybody see me? Anybody hear me? Anybody feel me? Anybody out there?!? [ chorus ] ix2, iix2 [ outro ] x4 Anybody see me? Anybody hear me? Anybody feel me? Anybody out there?!?
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