Poets Of The Fall – The Ultimate Fling Acoustic tab

--------------------------------0---|--------------------------------0---|--------------------------------2---|-----------------6--------------2---|---------4-----------0----------0---|--2---------------------------------|Just before the Chorus starts there is a: (244322) chord! Chorus: (046600) (7x6600) (02344s50), (046600) (7x6600)(022000)(002200).
2:08 in the song the bas notes comes in. Here are the chords: (0466) (7x66) (244) (0022) cant the other bas note part all i know is that it is an (244322) Chord, Sorry about that. you go! have fun :D Tabbed By: Flugsaft. Note: (s) on the (02344s50) chord menas that you slide the b string to the fifth fret. I'm sorry if the tab is a little of a mess. This is my first tab. :)
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