Poets Of The Fall – Carnival Of Rust tab ver. 2

This is the acoustic version of the song Carnival of Rust.. This is also my first tab, 
so hope it helps.. :)

Guitar 1: Capo on 3
Guitar 2: Capo on 1


Guitar 1 Dm F GmE|---------0-----0p1--------------0-----0p1-----------0-----0p1-------|B|-----3-----3-------3--------3-----3-------3------3----3-------3-----|G|---2---2-----2-------2----2---2-----2-------2--3---3----3-------3---|D|-0----------------------3-------------------------------------------|A|--------------------------------------------------------------------|E|----------------------------------------------3---------------------|
Bb Cadd9E|----------------0---0-----------------------------------------------|B|-----3------------3-------------------------------------------------|G|--------------0-------0---------------------------------------------|D|---3---3------------------------------------------------------------|A|-1-------1--3-------------------------------------------------------|E|--------------------------------------------------------------------|
[Guitar 1 continues] Verse 1: D' you breathe the name of your savior in your hour of need N' taste the blame if the flavor should remind you of greed Bridge 1: Em G Am C D Of implication, insinuation, and ill will 'til you cannot lie still Em G Am C D In all this turmoil before red cape and foil come closing in for a kill Chorus: Em Dsus2 Come feed the rain C 'Cause I'm thirsty for your love Am G Em Dancing underneath the skies of lust Dsus2 Yeah feed the rain C 'Cause without your love my life Am G6 C Ain't nothing but this carnival of rust Am G6 Em Ooh Verse 2: It's all a game avoiding failure when true colors will bleed All in the name of misbehavior and the things we don't need Bridge 2: I lust for after no disaster can touch, touch us anymore And more than ever I hope to never fall where enough is not the same it was before *Chorus* X2 Am G6 Em Ain't nothing but this carnival of rust (Same chords as chorus) Don't walk away Don't walk away When the world is burning Don't walk away Don't walk away When the heart is yearning Outro: Em G Am C D [Note: Guitar 1 continues to play the piece throughout the verses and bridges. Guitar 2 plays the chords softly in the bridges. The chords in the chorus can be played by either or both.]
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