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Poets Of The Fall – Choir Of Cicadas chords

[Verse 1]
C F GIt's the season of dust trailing old pick up trucks
Em Am Dm GSeashells washed ashore down by the docks
C F GSo baby pull on your blue jeans turn the radio loud
Am F G C F CDon`t wait for the hour to give birth to doubt
[Verse 2]
C F GIn the peak harvest of snakebites and wasted hindsight
Em Am Dm GWhen trivial truths sit next to the taillights
C F GWhen fenders of chrome they rattle and hum
Am F G C F CAll carved in the shape of freedom
[Verse 3]
C F GThose flea market stalls in the bone dry noon
Em Am Dm GDespite pretty signs, look cursed and marooned
C F GAnd trumpet notes wailing from the candy store
Am F G C F CLike a work of art of uneasy rapport
[Verse 4]
C F GThe wreckage, the blunder, the tarot read
Em Am Dm GIn the heat blurry air we're down in the field
C F GWhere to the choir of cicadas' jubilee
Am F G C F CAmong the clouds we once fell asleep
[Verse 5]
C F G The sirens of the shipyard by those derelict whales
Em Am Dm GOld mothers singing rusty old tales
C F G Like revving engines keening sky high
Am F G C F CYet theirs is never a war cry
[Verse 6]
C F G So I`ll be your lover now, brazen and bright
Em Am Dm GLike the flare of a match you struck in the night
C F GThough what does a stray know about holy and true
Am F G C F C But I'll always come to your rescue
Dm C FOh lord won't you hear your children cry
B F B FSinging their praise and their hallelujahs
Dm C FI have no more words to describe
B F C FAn empty sky of hollow blue, yeah
Dm C FSo where is my lover, my firelight
B F B FThe line on the edge of truth and rumour
Dm C FWe took our vows in the heart of the night
C F C BWe were brazen and bright, when we were brazen and bright
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