Pogues – Lullaby Of London chords

Pogues - Lullaby of London
This is originally in a different key but these chords make it easy to play on the guitar.

D G As I walked down by the riverside
D G D One evening in the spring
D Heard a long gone song
G From days gone by
D G D Blown in on the great North wind
G D Though there is no lonesome corncrake's cry
Bm GOf sorrow and delight
D You can hear the cars
G And the shouts from bars
D G D And the laughter and the fights
G May the ghosts that howled
D Round the house at night
Bm G Never keep you from your sleep
D May they all sleep tight
G Down in hell tonight
D G D Or wherever they may be
G D Bm G D G D G D
D G As I walked on with a heavy heart
D G Then a stone danced on the tide
D And the song went on
G Though the lights were gone
D G D And the North wind gently sighed
G D And an evening breeze coming from the East
Bm G That kissed the riverside
D G So I pray now child that you sleep tonight
D G D When you hear this lullaby
G D May the wind that blows from haunted graves
Bm G Never bring you misery
D May the angels bright
G Watch you tonight
D G D And keep you while you sleep
G D Bm G D G D G D
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