Pogues - Pistol For Paddy Garcia tab

***A PISTOL FOR PADDY GARCIA - by Shane MacGowan
from the album "Rum Sodomy & The Lash"

A Pistol For Paddy Garcia - as perfomed by The Pogues

Intro		|Em       |Em       ||

Inst 1		|Em  D  Em|Em  D  Am|Bm D G Em|Em  D  Em||

		|Em       D       Em	|Em       D       Am	|Bm    D    G    Em	|Em       D       Em	||

Chorus 1	|G        D	|Am     D	|G        D	|Am       D       Em	||

Inst 2		|Em       D        Em	|Em       D       Am	|Bm    D    G    Em	|Em       D       Em	||

		|Em       D       Em	|Em       D       Am	|Bm    D    G    Em	|Em       D       Em	||

Inst 3		|Em	|Em	|Em	||

Chorus 2	|Em  Bm	|D        G	|Am       D       Em	||

		|G        D	|Am     D	|G        D	|Am       D       Em	||

Outro		|Em       D       Em	|Em       D       Am	|Bm    D    G    Em	|Em       D       Em	||

		|Em       D       Em	|Em       D       Am	|Bm    D    G    Em	|Em       D       Em	||

***Version 2*** by Nick Bray and Harley McPhee (sanch0_panza@hotmail.com)

Thanks to Kristoffer Ekman's tab for some of the chords

Em D Eme|---------------------------------------------------|B|---------------------------------------------------|G|-9-9-11-9-7---7---9--|-----------------------------|D|------------9---9----| ---|A|---------------------| ---|E|---------------------| ---|
Em D Am |e|-----------------------| |B|-----------------------| |G|-9-9-11-9-7---7--------| |D|------------9---9-7----| |A|-----------------------| |E|-----------------------| |--Repeat this part
Bm D G Em D Em |e|-------------------------------------------| |B|-------------------------------------------| |G|-4-7-4-2-0--4-2-0------0-4-7--4-9-11-9-7-9-| |D|------------------2--2---------------------| |A|-------------------------------------------| |E|-------------------------------------------| |
Em D Em |e|-----------------------| ---|B|-----------------------| ---|G|-9-9-11-9-7---7---9----|---------------------------|D|------------9---9----------------------------------|A|---------------------------------------------------|E|---------------------------------------------------|
Am D Eme|---------------|B|-10-12-10-8----|G|------------9--|D|---------------|A|---------------|E|---------------|
This the faster bit..(not finished)e|-----------------------|B|------8-7-5------------|G|-9--9--------7---------|D|-----------9-----------|A|-----------------------|E|-----------------------|
(The layouts a bit of a mess, I'm sure you fine people can work it out)
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