Pointer Sisters - Fire chords version 1

Hey there,

Here is the easiest possible way to play this song for those of us out there that are 
tab savvy...

Basically to play this song almost identical to the original you need to tune the guitar 
a half step... so the tuning will be as follows

Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb

The chords you will need once the guitar has been tuned down are

D Em G Bm A E

When playing the verses you play the D chord then take your pointer finger off of the G 
second fret...

(where it sits when playing a D)

... and move it to the Second fret on the A string for two counts then back again... if 
listen to the song you will see exactly what i mean.

When playing the Em same thing only you will remove all of your fingers and play the 
strings for two counts.

When playing the Bm (BEST PLAYED AS A BARR CHORD) remove your pointer finger again and 
the open notes on the E A and D strings for two counts...

(this will all make sense when you play it to the original recording which you can find 

So here goes ......

DI'm ridin' in your car
You turn on the radio
EmYou're pullin' me close
DI just say no
EmI say I don't like it
BmBut you know I'm a liar
G'Cause when we kiss
A DOoooh, fire
(REPEAT THE SAME FOR THIS VERSE) Late at night You're takin' me home You say you wanna stay I say I wanna be alone I say I don't love you But you know I'm a liar 'Cause when we kiss Ooooh, fire
GYou had a hold on me
DRight from the start
AA grip so tight
DI couldn't tear it apart
GMy nerves all jumpin'
DActin' like a fool
EWell, your kisses they burn
ABut my heart stays cool
(THIS IS PLAYED THE SAME AS THE FIRST AND SECOND VERSES) Well, Romeo and Juliet Samson and Delilah Baby you can bet A love they couldn't deny My words say split But my words they lie 'Cause when we kiss Ooooh, fire (IT GOES INTO A BREAK HERE WHICH IS JUST A FULL VERSE PLAYED AND ENDS IN THE FOLLOWING WHICH IS JUST PLAYED IN D WITH THE FINGER MOVING TO THE SECOND FRET ON THE A STRING AND BACK AGAIN) Ooooh, fire Kisses like fire Burn me up with fire I like what you're doin' now Fire Touchin' me Fire Touchin' me Burnin' me Fire Take me home (SO AGAIN TO EXPLAIN THE PATTERN THE SONG FOLLOWS HERE IS A BASIC EXAMPLE OF WHAT A WILL LOOK LIKE) D X 2 D(1ST FINGER 2ND FRET OF A STRING)X2 D X 1 STOP ( DO THIS FOUR TIMES) Em X 2 OPEN E A & D STRINGS X2 Em STOP (DO THIS TWICE) D X 2 D(1ST FINGER 2ND FRET OF A STRING)X2 D X 1 STOP (DO THIS TWICE) Em X 2 OPEN E A & D STRINGS X2 Em STOP (DO THIS TWICE) Bm (barred) X 2 Bm (barred minus the first finger playing the E and A strings as open) X 2 Bm (barred) x 1 STOP (DO THIS TWICE) FAST STRUM THE TOP 3 STRINGS WHILE HOLDING THE G CHORD 8 TIMES FAST STRUM THE TOP 3 STRINGS WHILE HOLDING THE A CHORD 8 TIMES Then go back to the D pattern So if anyone wants to tab this version feel free... but i thought it might be nice to give the beginner something to learn that is relatively easy when you know the song lol JJ
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