Poison The Well - Horns And Tails tab

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Tabbed by: Crystal
Email: bluepersuasionn@aol.com

Tuning: standard

Verse 1e|--------------------------| x7B|-------7------------------| Gray chairs cold but here for me,thankfullyG|-------5------------------| I don't miss your skin, or the way youD|-------4------5-----------| always...A|-------5------5-----------|E|--------------3-----------|
Choruse------2------------| x4B------3-------3----| have something to say I lose myself in you, cut it intoG------2---4---4----| you with my rusty fingersD----------4---4----|A----------2---x----|E----------2---3----|
Bridgee|--------------------------|--------------------| what I'd do for one moreB|--------------------------|--------------------| day without you....G|-----------7--------------|-------7------------|D|-----2-----5-----4-----5--|--2----5----4----2--|A|-----3-----5-----4-----5--|--3----5----4----3--|E|-----1-----3-----2-----3--|--1----3----2----1--|
repeat Verse 1 I'm leavin again on metal heart breaker, and all I wanted to say was........fuck you! repeat Chorus Miles away but you still seem to be here, I never took your eyes out of my bag. End with
e|------------------| Strum onceB|------------------|G|-----------9------|D|-----------9------|A|-----------7------|E|------------------|
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