Police – Every Breath You Take tab ver. 2

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Date: Wed, 5 Apr 2000 10:23:24 -0400
From: "Ben M Hollis" 
Subject: p/police/every_breath_you_take.tab

Every Breath You Take
by The Police
transcribed by Ben Hollis

Unfortunately this song is impossible for
normal mortals to play in ordinary tuning

If you want to play this song you are going 
to have to retune your guitar, and unfortunately
the tuning that is necessary is a little 'inflexible',
and useless for other songs (buy another

Anyway tune your low 'E' string down two
half steps to 'D' and your 'G' string (yes!)
down two half steps to 'F'

The song is simply a moveable bar chord
shape that you slide up and down and

Lets call this chord Amaj7#11
(as if this is remotely correct
or anyone cares)

e-----------------------B-----------------------F-------------6---------D-------7---------7---- (x2)A-----5---5----5----5-D--5--------------------
This next chord is a minor chord so alter your shape accordingly F#m7#11 anybody?
e--------------------------B-------------------------F--------------2---------- (x2)D-------4-----------4----A-----2----2-----2----2-D--2----------------------
e---------------------------------------B---------------------------------------F---------------------11--------------- (x2)D----------12-----------------12-----A------10------10-------10-------10D-10-----------------------------------
e----------------------------------------B----------------------------------------F--------------------13----------------D----------14-----------------14----- (x2)A------12------12-------12------12D-12-----------------------------------
It's beginners stuff, I promise you. I may have got the key, or even the precise chords incorrect, but corrections are most welcome
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