Police – Message In A Bottle tab ver. 2

From: sprochi@phoenix.cis.ohio-state.edu (Keith Sprochi)

This is really reaching but I will try it anyway.  I think the chords are
c#m, A, B, f#m for the verse and then possibly c#m, A g#m or something like
that for the chorus.  When I played it with a band, my hand would ache after
a short time because of the barre chords so I now play it like this 
(although I haven't played it for months, so I don't know if this is right):

Verse (main riff)

I don't remember how the chorus goes; I think I just strummed c#m, A, g#m and f#m (but hearing it in my head, that last chord sounds like it should be a seventh ???) One thing to keep in mind is that chorus sounds great on this but with a little distortion, the constant sliding around sounds pretty crappy if you don't muffle the strings. That is one problem I had anyway. I hope that helps. -- Keith D. Sprochi "Hard times? I'm used to them. CIS Hardware Staff The speeding planet burns, I'm used to that. College of Engineering My life's so common it disappears." sprochi@cis.ohio-state.edu From uunet!elroy.jpl.nasa.gov!usc!rpi!bu.edu!dartvax!coos.dartmouth.edu!mozart Wed May 13 15:51:14 PDT 1992 Article: 3632 of alt.guitar Path: nevada.edu!uunet!elroy.jpl.nasa.gov!usc!rpi!bu.edu!dartvax!coos.dartmouth.edu!mozart From: mozart@coos.dartmouth.edu (Sting) Newsgroups: alt.guitar Subject: Message in a Bottle Message-ID: <1992May12.154616.24659@dartvax.dartmouth.edu> Date: 12 May 92 15:46:16 GMT Sender: news@dartvax.dartmouth.edu (The News Manager) Organization: Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH Lines: 41 The chord outline for Message looks like this: Verse: C#add9 Aadd9 Badd9 F#add9 (sliding up to m3) :| "Chorus" 1 (I'll send an S.O.S....) A D E :| "Chorus" 2 (I hope that some one gets my...) F#m D :| "Chorus" 3 (Message in a bottle...) C#m A (repeat) resolve to F#m then back to verse. From watching the old Police live tapes, you can see that Andy plays the add9 chords something like this:
I recommend doing the troups of three with fingers 1, 3, 4. This way, you can slide up from 6-7 on the final chord with your pinky and your index will be in position over fret 4 to begin the cycle again. I recommend barres for the chorus chords, to reproduce the original feeling. Try the 5th position A and D, 7th position E, 2nd position F#m, and 4th position C#m. Enjoy! -Michael -- Michael J. Fromberger | Composer, Guitarist | Sting@Dartmouth.EDU | | From: "Donald W. Pope II" Message in a Bottle The Police This is the main riff:
Play these lightly muted power chords next:
Lightly strum these bar chords:
These are the basic parts to the song, just piece them together... Don Pope
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