Police – Murder By Numbers tab

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Date: Tue, 17 Aug 1999 16:31:46 -0700 (PDT)
From: Robert Seder 
Subject: p/police/murder_by_numbers.tab

                     Guitar Tablature for Murder By Numbers
                                  by The Police
                    (Words by Sting & Music by Andy Summers)

Album Info:
 Song:    Murder By Numbers
 Artist:  The Police
 Album:   Syncronicity
 Version: standard album version
 A&M Records 1983,1995 (75021 3735 2)

 Transcribed by: Robert Seder [robertcseder@yahoo.com]
                 Eric Gausnell [gaus@halcyon.com] -original post

Please see the original post at the bottom. I just bought the CD and wanted 
to figure out the rest of his song. I have just a few additions. The 
original poster has the main riff which I have as Phrase I. This seems to
only be used in the 1st iteration of each verse. These are major chords, for
the remainder of each verse uses the minor version of these chords (see 
Phrase II). Phrase III seems to be the same everytime, it is used to wrap up
a verse and go into the chorus. Phrase IV is the chorus. The 3rd chord is
a Gmaj7 - I gave an alternate way to play it. On the CD, it sounds like it
may be played open (the second example below), but I think it sounds a
better as a barred chord.

Guitar Setup:
Use the neck pickup for a warmer sound. If you have a chorus, set the "Rate"
tp 40% and the "Depth" to 60% - that's the generic Andy Summers sound.

I don't use a pick on this song, it's easier (and sounds better IMHO) if you 
use your fingers. Use your thumb to play the bass note, and index/middle/ring
to play the rest of the chord.

  Phrase I (verse)

E7#9 Bbsus2/A B7#9 Bb7E|-----------------------|-------------B|-------8------6--------|-------------G|-------7------5--------|----7----7---D|-------6------8--------|----7----6---A|-5-6---7---0-----------|----6----5---E|-----0-----------------|--7----6-----
Phrase II (verse)
Em7 Bbsus2/A Bm7 Bb7E|-----------------------|-------------B|-------8------6--------|-------------G|-------7------5--------|----7----7---D|-------5------8--------|----7----6---A|-5-6---7---0-----------|----5----5---E|-----0-----------------|--7----6-----
Phrase III (pre-chorus)
F#7(#9) Fmaj7 Bm7 E|----------------------------B|---10-------10--------------G|---9--------9------7--------D|---8--------7------7--------A|-9------8----------5--------E|-------------------7--------
Phrase IV (chorus)
Em9 Fm7 Gmaj7 Fm7 Gmaj7 (alternate fingering)E|--------------7---------|-2--------------------------B|----7----2----7----2----|-0--------------------------G|----7----2----7----2----|-0--------------------------D|----5----2----5----2----|-0--------------------------A|----7----4---------4----|-2--------------------------E|--0----2----3----2------|-3--------------------------
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