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Date: Thu, 12 Oct 95 18:14:41 -0700
From: Brian McDonald 

Secret Journey
By the Police

Words and Music by Sting
TAB translation by Brian McDonald

Here's a quick TAB for the beginning of the song.. I'll figure the
rest out later..

     Am						       Am/G	=

Palm mute-----e--------------------------|-------------------------|-----------------\-|B-----------0--------------|--1----0-----------------|-----0-------------|G----------------0--2----0-| ------------0--2-----0--|---------0--2---0--|D-------2--------------2---|-----2----2--------2-----|---2----------2----|A----0---------------------|-------------------------|-0-----------------|E--------------------------|-------------------------|-------------------|
e -------------------------|\-|B---1----0----------------:---|G-------------0--2------------|D------2----2-----------------|A------------------3--2---:---|E-----------------------------|
Keep playing this while singing the lyrics.. Upon a secret journey I met a holy man His blindness was his wisdom I'm such a lonely man and as the world was turning It rolled itself in pain this does not seem to touch you he pointed to the rain D E D E You will see__ light in | __ the dark - ness
D E D E You will make_ some sense | of this__ Am and | when you've made__ your se - cret jour__ ney | = Am/G you will find__ this lo|ve you miss.____ ---------------------------------29668849727379--
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