Polonsky Jonny – Love Lovely Love tab

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Date: Fri, 9 Feb 1996 10:57:17 -0500 (EST)
From: Thomas  Kenniston 
Subject: CRD:  "Love Lovely Love"  by Jonny Polonsky

"LOVE LOVELY LOVE"  by Jonny Polonsky

Transcription by Tommy K

INTRO: (Mute strings)

A         E     A
////////  ////  ////  (2x)

Verse 1:

Every night I thank my lucky stars and heaven above

for sending you down

never knew I needed you till push came to shove

But now you're around

        F#5             D5     A5
And I break..out with copious tears
    B5                          E5(7th fret)
Rejoicing at the joy in my life at the moment

Prechorus 1:

             F#5             D5     A5
Yeah I can break out with numerous fears
           B5                          E5(7th fret)
I can't believe that somehow you would want me with you

2nd verse:

I've never been sure about a girl before
But baby I know
With your eyes so enchanting and your manners demure
How could I go wrong?

Prechorus 2:

       F#5               D5     A5
But I break...out with copious tears
    B5                         E5 (7th fret)
Rejoicing at the joy in my life at the moment
            F#5                 D5     A5
Yeah, I can break.. out with numerous fears
        B5                               E5 (7th fret)
I sometimes feel so pregnable, but it doesn't even matter


     A5                 E5    A5        D5      E5 (7th fret)
'Cuz when I've got my lovely love everything is fine
     A5               E5    A5       D5       E5(7th fret)
And when I love my lovely love everything is fine

Guitar solo:  rhy.guitar play   A5 to E5  while lead guitar picks notes
over those chords.

Repeat prechorus 2

Chorus (3x)

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