Polyphonic Spree - Section 14 Two Thousand Places tab

Section 14 (Two Thousand Places)
The Polyphonic Spree

These chords are not really right, but theyre pretty easy to play fi you want to play
this tune solo.  I thought I would submit them since more accurate chords don't seem
available.  if you see another version of this song check it out, it might be more
Original key: FMaj, Modulates to CMaj
Transcribed here in DMaj, with modulation to AMaj

D     A
Na Na Na
Na Na Na Na Na
Na Na Na Na Na
   D  A
Na Na Na

You gotta be good
You gotta be strong
            Em                     G
You gotta be two thousand places at once

G     A          Em(9)
So inside you'll find
      C or Em          D
It's right between the eyes
       C or Em        A    
You'll never know the shame
By the time it hits you
   (Modulate to AMaj)
      A             D               A        D   A
And I know there's alot outside the window (Oooh)
A          D              A     D   A
It seems alot for you and me (Oooooh)
A             D                 A       D     A
It takes the side to make the sidewalk (Ooooh)
A             D              A     D   E
It takes the moon to burn my feet
E                          D
It means alot to take some time
D            (A)
I know it's right

Just place these four segments together to taste or the recording.
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