Pony Up - Matthew Modine tab

My first :)

   C                   D     G
We thought you looked super cute
   C      D            C  
In your lover jogging suit
   C                 D        G      
You were trying to make your way
   C         D                C
So you could be the best in state

        C                  D       G
But you know, we’re just crazy for you
            C     D              C    
You’re the only thing we want to do

       F                C
Butwe know you’ve got a wife
           F                 C
And we’re sure she’s really nice
        F                     C
And we know you’ve got some kids
     F                C   
And we could be your kids

              F     G
But are you into polygamy?
Cause we are like
Totally free
          F                C
We could move to New York state
              F              C
And we could go on lots of dates
               F                   C
And you could bring along Phoebe Cates
         F                 C 
Please bring along Phoebe Cates!

      F      G
Oh Matthew Modine
    F                G
We want to be your blow job queens
     F        C
Oh Matthew Modine
We think that you are peachy keen
Oh Matthew Modine

[the same scheme from the beggining]
It’s hard
trying to get through medical school
But you did (why? why?) because you fucking rule!

Yes it is, a girl at the motor inn
Come on, come on, come on, come on
And live with us in sin

Well you’re a double veteran
And you’ve been on Letterman
At the Academy Awards
You have rudely been ignored

Well your middle name’s Avery
And you an Aries
And you just turned forty three
Save some birthday cake for me (me! me! me! me!)

You’re ass is like no other
It gets us hot and bothered
You’re movies make us scream and cry
We wish you were a single guy
Oh Matthew Modine

     F       C
Oh Matthew Modine
  F          G       C     
You give us creamy jeans
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