Poo - Poopa Shoota tab

Chords used A-003330

(A)I said i (G)want you (E)up the poopa
(A)I said i (G)want you (E)up the gary gliter
(A)I said i'll (G)take you (E)up the hairy shooter
(A)and i said(G)i couldn't do it (E)any beter

CHORUS:(D)poo-ooo-ooo-oooopa (A)sh-ooo-ooo-ooter(D)poo-ooo-ooo-oooopa(A)shooter (L)poopa (A)shoter (L)poopa x8
VERSE": I said i want you up the dirt box, And i said i'll wipe my arse on your cotton socks, And i said i'll shite all over your pretty face, and then you'll hit my knackers with an iron mace CHORUS x2 to fade
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