Pooh Sticks - Optimistic Fool tab

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Date: Tue, 27 Dec 1994 17:38:36 -0800
From: lstormo 

Song: Optomistic Fool
Artist: The Pooh Sticks

Verse 1:
|: G      C :| X6
What kind of confusion,
Or distorted view,
is this strange fascination,
That draws me to you,
not one single atom,
Of me is still free,

Chorus: (But do you love, love me, like I love)
|: G      E :| x2
   G      A

Verse 2:
The winter is drawing in,
But I continue to pray,
That you be the sunshine,
To brighten each cloudy day,
Neither myth nor legend,
Could hope to rival you,

Chorus X2

Solo over G,  E X4

ends on an Am

I think most of the chords are right.
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