Pop Will Eat Itself – Cape Connection tab

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From: gregf@wwa.com
Date: Tue, 6 Feb 96 19:09 CST
Subject: TAB:Cape Connection by Pop Will Eat Itself

Cape Connection by Pop Will Eat Itself
from the album Dos Dedos Mis Amigos

tabbed by Chris Frase

This song has to be the best one on this incredible album.
I love the loud, crunchy guitar, and the song is so easy to play,
so I decided to tab it.
This is my first post, so it might have some mistakes.
Send comments, corrections, questions, and money to Chris Frase at:

standard tuning

slide: / \
bend: b
release: r
hammer-on: h
pull-off: p
palm mute: X
vibrato: ~~~

Chorus (play 3x)E|------------------------|-------------------|B|------------------------|-------------------|G|o--------------7\6-----o|-----3------4------|D|o--------------7\6-----o|-----3------4------|A|---3/5\3/5-----5\4------|-----1------2------|E|---1/3\1/3--------------|-------------------|
That's all there is to it! And, since I'm just so generous, I'm including the lyrics, since most of them are missing in the CD booklet. (these are from mirrors.aol.com) INTRO & CHORUS: If you want the big one, you'll have to queue and if you do, you're gonna get some If (yeah) you want the big one, you'll have to queue and if you do, you're gonna get some This is, this is, this is Cape Connection This is, this is, this is Cape Connection VERSE: Deep south, way down and out, where heads hang fron the trees Sleepy from the poison, bitten by a snake tracking her so cruelly She calls my name but she's just one of millions (CHORUS) VERSE: (no guitar) Flowers are for romance, here the fun begins Pennies for your thoughts and dollars for your sins Standing to attention, waiting for the call Brace yourself for leisure, relax and have a ball (CHORUS) VERSE: London Town is traffic hell, it's freezeframe in 3D Drunken and pedestrian, taken from behind Welcomes me so willingly She calls my name - coming, baby, coming (CHORUS)
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