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Date: Fri, 23 Jan 1998 14:06:41 PST
From: Roger Gunnarsson 
Subject: Popundret-song


by Popundret

Music by Popundret
Lyrics by Magnus Nilsson

Transcribed by Roger Gunnarsson (boyafraid@hotmail.com)

This song is the marvellous openingtrack from Popundret's debutalbum
"Montmatre 15.40" (Westside fabrication 1996). In my world Popundret is
the best swedish band. Very much The Smiths sometimes, but that is never
a bad thing...

Cmaj7              Fmaj7
Show me the way of life dear
G                  Cmaj7
Show me the way to choose
I cannot help myself
      G                Cmaj7
and I wouldn't dare to lose
      Fmaj7            G
And I wouldn't like to die
not knowing how
or why

Dm  F              Dm
    Life can be so hard
    F              C    A#  C  A#
not knowing how to live
Dm  F              Dm
    Life can be so hard
    F              Cmaj7
not knowing how to live

[Then simply repeat the same thing again]
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