Porcupine Tree - Phantoms chords

  Phantoms By Porcupine Tree

  Standard Tuning


    D   C/Dm  cmajor7    A   Fmajor7

D C/Dm I look at all the sad story people
cmajor7 D Lost in the seasons passing them by
C/Dm Inside my head lies a life on an island
cmajor7 D Flooded with darkness deep into the sky
C/Dm cmajor7 D But they're only the strangers on a train
C/Dm cmajor7 A Fmajor7 Passing through my mind again and again
A Fmajor7 But it's lonely to stand in this heat
A Fmajor7 Deep in the woods who knows who you'll meet
A Fmajor7 But I didn't know the hill would be the steep
A Fmajor7 And I didn't know the sea would be this deep
C/Dm And I'm sorry I treat you this way
Deep inside the shell I crawl into Crying alone I know I'll get by Please stay away I just don't want to see you The things that you say I know they're all lies But I don't understand what the story's about Explain to me please how the sunlight got out Please don't leave me here Dreaming alone with phantoms
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