Porcupine Tree – Normal tab ver. 2

When I tried to learn this song I looked at Mr.A's tablature, and I couldn't get the intro right. 
So I've done some adjustments to straighten up what's wrong. 
However, Mr.A has done some really great work with the rest of the song, 
so check that out after you've gotten the intro right. --> 

Capo on 5th fret

E|-------------0---0----------|-------------0---0----------|B|--2h3p2--0--0---0-----------|--2h3p2--0--0---0--------2--|G|--------3--2---0---------0--|--------3--2---0---------2--| X6D|-------------------2-0-2----|-------------------2-0-2----| A|----------------------------|-----------------------0----|E|----------------------------|----------------------------|
~ mongo_man
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