Porcupine Tree - Cure For Optimism chords version 1


E5     [022x00]
Cmaj7 [x32000]Gadd6 [320000]
A [x02220] G [320003] Ten years and no tab? I had to do it! The chords not listed above are standard position E shape barre chords. Basically, the verse is 1x each on the E5 and the Cmaj7 and 2x on the Gadd6. The F leading into the chorus is 2x. The G in the chorus is [320003] the first time and an E shape barre chord the second time for continuity's sake. I like to play the A as [x02220]. Please correct me if you think I've got something wrong!
E5 Cmaj7 Gadd6 E5Up there a mountain rises
Cmaj7 Gadd6 E5Down here an ocean dives
Cmaj7 Gadd6 F#mA stranger with a head full of lead
FPhotographs me
E5 GSteel bars and a doctor's note
ADon't give up
G#m G F#m F E5They can plead and beg but don't let them fix your head
Outside a path to knowledge Inside a waste of cells A serpent with a mobile phone Sweet talks me Steel bars and a doctor's note Don't give up They can plead and beg but don't let them fix your head
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