Porcupine Tree – London tab ver. 2

"Recorded on 22nd January 1997, this was a simple acoustic guitar / voice demo recorded
live with just one piano overdub. It never went any further, but the lyrics were
recycled for Don't Hate Me (from Porcupine Tree's "Stupid Dream" album) later that 
year." - Steven Wilson on SoundCloud

Standard Tuning
Capo 1

Contrary to popular belief, this song does not actually use the same chords as Waiting,
so I decided to figure them out. The song requires quite a bit of stretching across the
fingerboard, so if you don't have big enough hands, you'll have to figure out an 
alternate way of playing it.

-This tab is relative to the capo.
-The bracketed numbers by the chords differentiate between chords shapes.
-I've only marked one of the hammer-ons because the rest are fairly easy to figure out.


Gmadd9(1)- 246222
Gm6(1)-    264222
Gm-        xx4222

Gmaug5-    xx0222
Gmaj7-     xx2222
Gmadd9(2)- xx6222
Gm6(2)-    xx4242
Gm6/9-     xx1222


VERSE Gmadd9(1) Gm6(1) Gm* A light snow is falling on London Gmadd9(1) Gm6(1) Gm All sign of the living has gone Gmadd9(1) Gm6(1) Gm The last train pulls into the station Gmadd9(1) Gm6(1) Gm And no one get off and no one gets on ***For every instance of this chord (Gm) in the verse, hammer-on the second fret to the fourth on the fourth (D) string. (xx2222 to xx4222)*** CHORUS Gmaug5 Gmaj7 Gm Gmadd9(2) I search inside my head Gmaug5 Gmaj7 Gm Gmadd9(2) Helps me remember the day Gmaug5 Gmaj7 That the taxi never came Gm6(2) Gm6/9 Gmaug5 Gm6(2) So I walk o-----------n in the rain PRE-VERSE PIANO PART
Q. Q. Q H. E E H E Q E W|------------------|------------------|------------------|------------------||-------7----------|------------------|-----------5------|------------------||-------------6----|-4-----------L-6--|------------------|------------------||-4----------------|------------------|-7------L------6--|-L----------------||------------------|------------------|------------------|------------------||------------------|------------------|------------------|------------------|
Q. Q. Q W Q. E H W|------------------|------------------|------------------|------------------||-------7----------|------------------|-------5-L--------|------------------||-------------6----|-4----------------|------------------|------------------||-4----------------|------------------|-7----------------|-6----------------||------------------|------------------|------------------|------------------||------------------|------------------|------------------|------------------|
VERSE 2 One light burns in a window It guides all the shadows below Inside the ghost of a parting And no one is left just the cigarette smoke CHORUS x2 |--------------------------|
| TABULATURE LEGEND || || W - whole note || H - half note || Q - quarter note || Q. - dotted quarter note || E - eighth note || || L - tie ||--------------------------|
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