Port Obrien - Pigeonhold tab



G(3rd) Bm(7th) A(5th) G(3rd)

         G                      Bm-A-
Theres a party in the basement
        G                       Bm-A-
But the door outside is locked
         G                          Bm-A-
Theres a light on around the corner
       G                         Bm-A-
And it goes all around the block
         G                            Bm-A-
And they think they are acting clever
         G                           Bm-A-
And they think they are getting wise
        G              Bm-A-              
Their a 21st rendition 
of 1969

         G        Bm
So pigeonhold ohhhhhh x4

Well its one thing to act uncertain
Its another to imitate
In the closing of the music
And the music has to wait
And when we have pinned you against the corner
It gets harder to breath
Cause Woodstock was the devil
And all the people there we mean

So pigeonhold x 4

Long riff I dont feel like putting down.

So pigeonhold x4
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