Port Obrien - A Bird Flies By tab


A Bird Flies By

Em G Em G

Bm A Em Bm A Em

D A Em D A Em 

End on Em(7th)

Bm                   A
Ive been sleeping outside
It's damp and grainy
    Bm                  A
And Ive been dreaming a song
That song is you
    Bm                   A 
And Ive been thinking of love
Molded up with clay
    Bm                  A
And I made a joke about you
That came back to haunt me

D    A  Em
When Im home
D   A    Em
Ill rest my bones
       D  A     Em    
In the midnight sky
  D    A     Em
A bird flies by

And I waded through all of the tall grass
With eyes wide open
And I took a swim with Grandpa
In hopes that you would find me
And I stole your fishing boots
And replaced them with diamonds
That way when you are gone
I am not forgotten

Out through the chimney
And into the sky
The clouds they are empty
And a bird flies by         x2

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