Port Obrien - A Branch Of You And Me tab


A Branch of You and Me

E                         A 
And I dont even know what she'll say
         Abm      A 
I should climb anymore
E                       A
And I can't even see my parents
I get too scared
I wanna seem them more
E                          A
And my friends they're all vampires
         Abm           A
Knocking down my front door
E                  A
To unleash my twin brother
                Abm    A    Am
Cause I cant go out anymore

E                        Ab
And I just want a little while
To stretch my legs and smile
To see if I could survive
And Ill try and stay alive
On my own

A  E
My own
A                   E
With the wind on my side
A                        E
Which is falling down on me
A               E
Then run to the creek
A                   E
To wash between the seams
A                   E
And thats where Ill be
A                   E
To collect all my belongings
A               E
And Im going to leave
A                   E
And thats where Ill be
A                       E
A branch between you and me
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