Portastatic – Little Fern tab

			    Little Fern - Portastatic
Tabbed by: Jeff


G G6 Am7 C G Am G (2nd time:)G G6 Am7 C G Am FMaj7 Ge|---------------------------3--0----------------------------------------------|B|----3-3-3p1------1--1---1--0--1----------------------------------------------|G|-0--0-0-0--------0--0---0--0--2----------------------------------------------|D|----0-0-0---0h2--2--2---2--0--2----------------------------------------------|A|-----------------0--0---3--2--0----------------------------------------------|E|---------------------------3--0----------------------------------------------|
G G6 Am7 C G If this is really the first day of spring Am G what are you doing my little goose? G G6 Am7 C G You honk and you cry but you never really sing Am FMaj7 I think it's time you took to the sky G You gotta move
G G6 Am7 C G If the heat of summer's here again Am G why are you still here my flowering friend? G G6 Am7 C G Your beauty was cool back in May Am FMaj7 G but you are wilting on this June day. On this June day.
G G6 Am7 C G If fall is dusty and it's dry Am G keep your head buried my little fern G G6 Am7 C G well the sparks they shower almost every night Am FMaj7 in nervous skies G I'm fearing a big burn (solo) G G6 Am7 C G If winter has us buried under ice Am G where will you go my dragonfly? G G6 Am7 C G Well I see you through the surface of the pond Am FMaj7 will you hover there, wait for me G until the ice is gone? (solo) Bm Am C G Am will you still need me in every season G honey, that's all gone Bm Am C G Am you used to need me, now you need a reason FMaj7 G C G I haven't got one. I haven't got one | / slide up | \ slide down | h hammer-on | p pull-off | ~ vibrato | + harmonic | x Mute note ===============================================================================
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