Portugal The Man - Marching With 6 tab

this is played pretty much throughout the whole song

this plays during the "oh, oh, oh" part
then this part comes in after a couple of those
|-----------------------------------------------------------||--------------1-----3-----5---3----------------3-----5---3-||--------4-0-2---2-4---4-5---4------------4-0-2---4-5---4---| x2|------2--------------------------------2-------------------||----3--------------------------------3---------------------||0-5------------------------------0-5-----------------------|
and then play the "oh, oh, oh" part right after it this is after 2 verses and then some noise(you can figure that out yourself)
|-----------------| play that a buncha times and then it changes a bit to|---------------3-| this|-2--5------------||-2---------2-5---||-0-----3-5-------||-----------------|
it pretty much ends with the same stuff as before. you should be able to figure it out. or comments- email me at bedofbrokenglass@yahoo.com -enjoi
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