Posies – You Avoid Parties tab

You Avoid Parties

by the Posies

(tab by Brian Allen)

Listen to the song for a better idea of the rhythms invovled.
The vocal melody is a bit nonstandard, but I think if you hear
the song you'll be able to catch on to it.

C Em

C Em G7

Isn't it nice how things resolve
              F                   G              C
To test your will would take the skill of crazy ants
                          F                 C
You fit your mind into smaller and smaller jars
You find them clutching the last straw
              F                 G                 C
As if it's worth the worse for wear and tear you look

     F                                                 C
But why try to understand someone that you don't even know
Even though he brought you up, beat you up,
Shut you up when you cried ?
And now you avoid parties
Because they remind you
Of someone who
you used to know
         G                  F          C
Pretty soon you'll want to avoid yourself

C Em

C Em G7

A popular phrase from the same year
Would draw no tears save for the fears of looking back
You find you hide for weaker and weaker reasons
The battle you lost in the mirror
Earned you no thanks but wooden planks were soon withdrawn

And you couldn't run away even if you tried
And you tried and you cried 'cause you knew that laying flat
In your parents' car
And now you avoid father
Because they remind you
Of someone who you used to know
Pretty soon you'll want to avoid your own

And now you're finally on your own
You draw your choices from the voices you despise
You find you're drawn to tighter and tighter circles
Flashbacks, flashes forward
You are insane though you have gained such wide appeal

And all the car rides, cheap insides, laughter at the right people
At the right time at the right line in the right frame of mind
And now you avoid thinking
Because it reminds you of someone you used to know
Pretty soon you'll only think about yourself

Outro - C Em F G C
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