Posies – Everyone Moves Away tab

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"Everyone Moves Away"
   by the posies

From: John Waclo (johncw@nauticom.net)

Sounds best when played on a 12-string acoustic guitar.

Intro:  Let notes ring...

D Chord: E------------2---------2---| B---------3-----3------3---| G------2-----------2---2---| D---0------------------0---| A--------------------------| E--------------------------|
D Db/D Am E7 Please forgive, for they know not what they've done Gm D A Asus A7 And if they did, they'd surely resurrect their trust D Db/D Am E7 Promises were made to break and the family kept its end Gm D And now your answer, my friend Gm D A Asus A7 Is blowing in one head and out the other G D But you will find yourself G D You will recognize and realize G D F# Even when you can't forget Bm A/Bm Ab/Bm E7 The times they tried you, things denied you, inside the big nameless house G D G D Db/D Bm A7 >From which everyone moves away, everyone moves away D Db/D Am E7 Growing up in severed states of mind Gm D A Asus A7 Can cause you to go blind more than twice D Db/D Am E7 And now we're hurt by the words we've never said Gm D The wounds you never bled Gm D A Asus A7 Just aggravate your head until their gone G D But you will like yourself G D You will verify and vocalize G D F# Even when you can't forget Bm A/Bm Ab/Bm E7 That when you stayed you, they betrayed you, inside the big nameless house G D F# G D Db/D Bm A7 >From which everyone moves away, everyone moves away A7 D A7 D Try to wipe away the traces of people, places, childhood spaces Bm F# G A7 Etched upon your memory, like the way that we were raised D Db/D Am E7 In our backyard we were left no time to think Gm D A Asus A7 The blood that turned to ink spelled neglect D Db/D Am E7 Now there's no sun and the grass is overgrown Gm D Gm D A Asus A7 The sacred seed they've sown is utterly alone and scared to death G D But you will free yourself G D You will cut the cord and cauterize G D F# And if you ever feel an urge Bm A/Bm To look behind you, let this remind you Ab/Bm E7 We both grew up in the same house G D F# G D F# >From which everyone moves away, everyone moves away G D G D Everyone moves, everyone moves G D Db/D D Everyone moves away CHORD CHARTS:
D Db/D AmE-----2------ E-----2------ E-----0------|B-----3------ B-----3------ B-----1------|G-----2------ G-----2------ G-----2------|D-----0------ D-----X------ D-----2------|A-----X------ A-----4------ A-----0------|E-----X------ E-----X------ E-----X------|
E7 Gm AE-----0------ E-----3------ E-----0------|B-----0------ B-----3------ B-----2------|G-----1------ G-----3------ G-----2------|D-----0------ D-----5------ D-----2------|A-----2------ A-----5------ A-----0------|E-----X------ E-----3------ E-----X------|
Asus A7 GE-----0------ E-----0------ E-----3------|B-----3------ B-----2------ B-----3------|G-----2------ G-----0------ G-----0------|D-----2------ D-----2------ D-----0------|A-----0------ A-----0------ A-----2------|E-----X------ E-----X------ E-----3------|
F# Bm A/BmE-----2------ E-----2------ E-----2------|B-----2------ B-----3------ B-----3------|G-----3------ G-----4------ G-----4------|D-----4------ D-----4------ D-----4------|A-----4------ A-----2------ A-----0------|E-----2------ E-----X------ E-----X------|
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