Powder - Deep Fried tab

there are 2 bands called powder, and this one's Pearl lowe's britpop group. This is a 
great song, I havent tabbed all the licks, I think there's 2 guitars, you should basically 
get it though-


e:----9----3----4---7--7--7-- -4---7-- -8-------------|b:----9----3----4---7--7--7-- -4---7-- -8-------------| finish on the same chordg:----10---4----5---8--8--8--- 5---8--x -9------------| as the start and repeatd:----11---5----6---9--9--9--- 6---9--2 10------------| about 3 timesa:----11---5----6---9--9--9--- 6---9--- 10------------|e:----9----3----4---7--7--7--- 4---7--- 8-------------|
the verse is a mix of base and palm muting but if you palm mute
e:-------7---9----5---|b:-------7---9----5---|g:--1----8---10---6---| listen to the song for the strumming patternd:--2----9---11---7---|a:--2----9---11---7---|e:-------7---9----5---|
chorushere you play the chords open, and strum much harder, this starts on the 'im getting sugar stuck to you' part and carries on until the final round of the chorus where pearl sings 'yeah yeah yeah'e:-------7-----5---|b:-------7-----5---|g:--1----8-----6---|d:--2----9-----7---|a:--2----9-----7---|e:-------7-----5---|
at the yeah yeah yeah bit, scale down with
e:---8----7------|b:---8----7------|g:---9----8------| and finish on an e chordd:---10---9------|a:---10---9------|e:---8----7------|
thats basically it- feel free to improve on it and comment- sorry im not sure about all the words:)
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