Powderfinger - Stand Yourself tab

			     Stand Yourself - Powderfinger
Tabbed by:Stroem

Tuning: Standard, Capo 5th fret

All chords are relative to capo, its pretty easy to play without too.    
Look at the bottom if you dont know how to do.

Intro: Guitar 1 (Capo 5th fret)e|---0--0--------0--0------------|B|----1--1--0-1---1--------------| They play this during verse tooG|--0--0--0-----0--0-------------| D|-------------------------------|A|-------------------------------|E|-------------------------------|
Guitar 2 Capo 5th fret Acoustic guitar C - F (relative to capo, Without capo its F - Bb)
Guitar 3 Capo 5th e|-----0--0-------0--3-1-0--0----------|B|----1--1--1-3--1-1------1------------|G|-------------------------------------|D|-------------------------------------|A|-------------------------------------|E|-------------------------------------|
Verse: C F C If an apology from you meant anything I'd accept it now with grace F C But you and i both know its just a ployd for you to save some face F If you've had any self-respect you would turn yourself in for your crime Chorus: F G F Every time you tell yourself its alright G F Everytime you go to sleep at night G Every time you tell yourself its alright C F It just becomes a bigger lie G C(back to verse chords after 1st I hope that you can stand yourself tonight chorus, after 2nd chorus play this and go to bridge)
e|---0-\-3-\-5-\-8----------|B|--------------------------|G|--------------------------| x2D|--------------------------|A|--------------------------|E|--------------------------|
Bridge: Am G Am Halleluja i found love G F (stretch untill verse) Halleluja i found love Verse and chorus stays the same for the rest of the song. If you wanna play without capo just replace as such: Capo 5th fret: No Capo: C = F F = Bb G = C Am = Dm And for the tabs just add 5 to every number on the chart.
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