Powderfinger - Sink Low tab

Song: Sink Low
Artist: Powderfinger
Tabbed by: Dazza (daz_000rulz@hotmail.com)

E:      022100
D:      000232
C#:     046600
C#add9: 644640
B:      024400
A:      002220
F#:     244000
G#:     466000

Verse 1:

           E    D       C#
It sure is quiet around here
    C#add9              B
The phone never rings anymore
       E      D            C#
So I'll wallow in silence
    C#add9            B
And nail my soul to the floor
         E      D            C#
'Cause I'm angry and jealous
             C#add9     B
And sick and tired of untruth
       E   D  C#  C#add9    B
And I'm lonely my pride is bruised 

Pre Chorus:

C#   B           A
  My wheels sink low
C#      B            A
  Loves candle burns slow


E   D   A   D   B

Verse 2:

     E   D     C#   
If I spread my wings
       C#add9         B
Will I ever leave the ground
             E   D    C#
All of these painful scenes
     C#add9   B
That drag me down

Pre Chorus:

C#   B           A
  My wheels turn slow
C#      B            A
  Loves candle burns slow


           E  D                A
And now my eyes are dressed in rags
           F#                    B
To hide the scars from what I've seen


C#        E         A
   And my fall form grace
                 B      C#
   Could it be a lesson to you
B           E        F#
   And if I trade my place
                    G#     A
   Would it make it better for you

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