Praise And Worship – Lead Me Lord chords


Intro: D – DM7 – G – A7sus – A7

D – Dm7Lead me Lord
A GLead me by the hand and make me face the rising sun
A A7 F#mComfort me through all the pain that life may bring
F#7 BmThere’s no other hope that I can lean upon
Em A7 Asus – A7Lead me Lord, lead me all my life
D – Dm7Walk by me
A GWalk by me across the lonely roads of everyday
A A7 F#mTake my arms and let your hands show me the way
F#7 BmShow the way to live inside your love
Em A7 Asus – A7Lead me Lord, lead me all my life
A7 D – DM7 G D*You are my light, you’re the lamp upon my feet
G A F#mAll the time my Lord I need you there
A7sus - A7 D – DM7 G DYou Are my life, I cannot live alone
G A F#mLet me stay by your guiding love
B7 Em – A7All through my life
D – DM7 – G – A7sus – A7Lead me Lord
D – DM7Lead me Lord
A GEven though at times I’d rather go along my way
A A7 F#mHelp me take the right direction, take Your road
F#7 BmLead me Lord and never leave my side
Em A7 – A7susAll my days, all my life
(* 2x)
F#mAll through my life, all through my days
B7 Em – A7 DLead me Lord, All my life
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