Presidents Of The Usa - Dune Buggy tab

my first tab (weird song for a first tab haha)...its by ear and i never 
really saw them play n if its not exact chords its at least the rite powerchords

Tuned: Half step down (Eb Ab Db Gb Bb eb)

Main Riff:|-----------------|---------------------||-----------------|---------------------||-----------------|---------------------||-----------------|-8b9-8b9-(9)r8p7-x-x-||-8b9-(9)r8p5-x-x-|---------------------||-----------------|---------------------|
*in verse 3 for the first x play on the a string 10 and d:12 for the second x play a:11 and d:13 chorus: no guitar
chorus 2:|---------------|-----------| |----||---------------|-----------| |----||---------------|-----------| |----||-9-------------|-12--------| |-14-||-7-------------|-10--------| |-12-||---------------|-----------| |----|* *only for the last barchorus 3: strum the chords above
bridge: with a talkbox (?) and after second chorus---|-------------|-9-|-11-9--6-9-6-|---|-------------|---|-------------|---|-------------|---|-------------|
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