Presidents Of The Usa – Bowl Weevil tab

Artist: The Presidents of the United States of America
Song: Bowl Weevil
Album: The Presidents of the United States of America
Tabbed by: James Dobbins (

Hey, this is my first tab so bear with me if it's a little wrong.  
But since I couldn't find tabs for this song ANYWHERE ONLINE, 
I figured I'd put it up here when I figured it out.

ChorusG|--------------------| D|--------------------|A|--3333-6666-5555----|E|--------------------|
Final Chorus measureG|--------------------|D|-------------4-4----|A|--3333-6666---------|E|--------------------|
During the breaks you can add things before you come back into the verse, like: A|--12----3|
Song structure: Verse x4 Break Verse x16 Break Verse x2 Break Verse x6 Chorus x7 Final Chorus Verse x3 Bass Solo Break Chorus x15 Final Chorus
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