Presidents Of The Usa - Tiki Lounge God tab

*Drop D*

i had a girl and she did me wrong i didnt let that kinda shit go on too long split the clouds and divided the sea showed that evil girl how nasty the tiki god can be she didnt call no more nor bother me that little tiki god made sure i lived in peace one day i read they found her body in a river, tiki god, wow! you make me shake and make me shiver alright
-----------------------------|-----------------------------|-----------------------------|-----------------------------|-5-5-544-2----5-5-5-66-7-----|-----------------------------|i gota tiki godsaid mei gota tiki god
------------------------------|------------------------------|-12B-11--9-11b---12b-11--9-6--|b------------------------------|------------------------------|------------------------------|na na nana naa naa...
ends with:
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