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Pretenders – Middle Of The Road tab

This is the lead guitar that no one tabbed. Well...at least I think no one tabbed it.

Main Riffe|---------------------------------|B|---------------------------------|G|-----------------------0---------|D|--------0--------0-4-7-----------|A|--0-4-7------------------3-2-0---|D|----------5-4-0------------------| ^Starts an eighth note after the bassist hits his first note (A). I think a chorus effect is used also.
Post-Solo Bridgee|------------------|B|-5--5-7--7-8-8----|G|-6--6-7--7-9-9----|D|------------------|A|------------------|D|------------------|
*~Saif~* <-- Lol...Isn't that gay? Well, there's everything BUT the solo. I could've it but I don't feel like it even though I have no life as I am a college dropout. Khuda Hafiz. November 23, 2006 4:59 AM Intros and solos aren't much welcomed here? Screw you ultimate-guitar.com!
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