Pretenders - Kid tab version 3

Version 1.0
Key: starts in C then changes to E

Opening C Am F G (repeat these chords)E|-----------------------------------------------------------------|B|-----------------------------------------------------------------|G|-----------------------------------------------------------------|D|--------------------0--2-----------------------------------------|A|--------0--2--3-----------------2--2--0--0-----------------------|E|--3-----------------------1-----------------3--3--1--1--0--0-----|
C Am F G Kid, what changed your mood? You've got all sad, so I feel sad too. C Am F G I think I know, some things wherever I go. C Am You think it's wrong; I can tell you do. F Dm G How can I explain, when you don't want me to.
Restated OpeningE|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|G|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|D|------------------0--2-------------10----------9-----7-----5-----3-----2--|A|-------0--2--3---------------8/12----------10-----8-----7-----5-----3-----|E|--3---------------------0-------------------------------------------------|
C Am F G Kid, my only kid, you look so small, gone so quiet C Am F G I know you know what I'm about I won't deny it. C Am But you gorget. You don't understand. F Dm G You've turned you head; you've dropped my hand. Am F Am F Am F G All my sorrow, all my blues, all my sorrow...
Solo (key changes to E major) see comment 2E|--2h4p2p0-----------0----------0--------0--------0-----0--------0--------|B|--0--------0--2--4-----4----------4--------4--------------4--------4-----|G|--------------2--4--------4/6--------6--------6-----2--------2--------2--|D|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|A|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|E|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|
E|--------------------------------------------------5---| (harmonic)B|------------------------------------------------------|G|--6--4---------------4--------------------------------|D|--------6\4--2--4/6-----6\4--2------------------------|A|--------------------------------4--2------------------|E|--------------------------------------3v2v3v2--0------| ^see comment 1 below
E C3m F#m B7 Shut the light, go away, full of grace and cover you face E C#m F#m B7 Kid, precious kid, you're eyes are blue, buy you won't cry. E C#m F#m B7 I know, angry tears today, you won't let them go ***** 1. Grab the string at the 2nd fret and pull it up so that the note is the G then pluck it. Release it in a reverse vibrato and then release it to the open E. Hit the harmonic on the fifth fret of the high E string to the put the period on the sentence. 2. the solo was layered with several guitars; hence, the big jangle. However, with a nice Vox sounding amp, you can get really close with a single coil guitar and good playing technique. Start the solo and nail that little hammeron pulloff in the first bar. Land on the double stop (2nd fret with your ring finger and pinky) and play the G string and slide them both up. Kind of understate the B string note. The next 4/6 slide up is the trickiest as you continue to slide up with the ring and drop your index finger on the B string 4th fret. See my videos (slow and fast versions) at: As always, please rate my work. mark ampersand canhelpyou period com
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