Priestess - Lay Down Acoustic chords

This how I play this song in acoustic

Verse :Em + Something like e-3-3-------3-3- (let's say it's called "*riff") B-3-3-------3-3- G-0-0-------0-0-
D--------------- A--------------- E-----0-0-0-----
EmLay down, sleep my little darling
Em *riff I'll be nothing when you're gone
EmLay down just like in a coffin
Em *riffThen I'll have nothing but a song
Pre Chorus
A Em (or the main theme but it doesn't go well on an acoustic guitar)I'll leave you in a coffin for real
BAnd just leave you in a church
Em GLay down
ALeave you'll be lonely
Em G AI know I won't go
Em GLay down
ASleep you'll be lonely
Em A G I know I won't go
C BIt's not my turn
Lay down, this pain will be long gone With the absence of your breath I know, I know that you loved me But I can't love you when you're dead So I'll leave you in that coffin for God And I'll leave you in the dirt Lay down Leave you'll be lonely I know I won't go Lay down Sleep you'll be lonely I know I won't go Lay down before me I know I won't go It's not my turn
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