Primus - Last Salmon Man tab version 1

I know it's not much  but it's all I could figure out.

(Bass intro arranged for guitar)

|-----------------| |-----------------||-----------------||-----------------||-----------------||-10-10-10-8-10-8-|
0:07 (Play the 7 and 9 sixteen times each, the 10 twelve times and the 12 four times)
|-----------------|-----------------||-----------------|-15-17-----------| |-7--10--12--9----|-----------------||-----------------|-----------------||-----------------|-----------------||-----------------|-----------------|
Same again for this bar.|----------------|---------------------||----------------|---------------------| |-7--10--12------|---------------------||----------------|---------------------||----------------|---------------------||----------------|-10-8-10-5-7-8/13-12-|
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