Primus – Hello Skinny tab

Primus - Hello Skinny
Tabbed By: rene badgers

alright, during the song, there is one gutiar riff that is used over and over.e:---------------------------------------------B:---------------------------------------------G:---------------------------------------------D:---------------------------------------------A:-13-11-13-11-10-8-10-8-6-8-10----------------E:---------------------------------------------
find your own tempo and varriations in the way to play it, but thats basically how the song goes then there's a part where the guitar doubles, or gets better. if you listen to the song you'll know what im talking about
e:----------------------------------------------B:---------------------------------------------- *play number thats on top of bottom numberG:---------------------------------------------- simultainuslyD:-11-9--11-9--8--6-8--6-4-6-8------------------A:-13-11-13-11-10-8-10-8-6-8-10-----------------E:----------------------------------------------
once again, if you listen to the song,you can work out the timings enjoy PRIMUS SUCKS!
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