Primus – To Defy The Laws Of Tradition tab

primus - to defy the laws of tradition
Abum - Frizzle Fry

tabbed by Vengeance

G|--9-9-9-9-9-9-9------|D|---------6-6-7-6h7p6-|A|-7-7-7-7-------------| x2E|---------------------|
G|--9-9-9-9-9-9-9------|D|---------6-6-7-6h7p6-|A|-7-7-7-7-------------| x3E|---------------------|
I've tried to notate the strumming pattern that i use dunno if it'll be of any help but its there V - downstroke ^ - Upstroke
Verse/ main riff ^V^V V ^V^ ^V^ G|----------x666--6----------x66-x76--|D|----------x666--6----------x66-x76--|A|----------x444--4----------x44-x54--|E|-xx3h5-3h6--------xx3h5-3h6---------| sss s sss s
tapping part R - right hand tap T - left hand tap
t r r t r r t r r t r r t r rG|------------------------------------|D|---1111---1111---1111---1111---1111-| they are 11's not ones!!A|-5-1111-6-1111---1111---1111---1111-| E|---------------7------6------5------|
the bit after that is upto you i suppose just right hand tap from the 11th frets and go up the neck as far as it sounds right and come back to the 11th frets again for example play the above line then play
shouldn't take too long to get it sounding right right well thats all you need to play the somg i know there are some other little riffs and weird slides that les does but i'm still figuring them out
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