Primus - Sgt Baker tab

Alright, here it is. It may look a little different compared to the bass part, but if 
play along with the album I find it is pretty correct.

And that is the majority of the song, as it is the main riff, verse, and chorus. But a while on the chorus on the "Right, Left!" part it goes:
e-----------|b-----------|g-----------|d-7--6--5---|a-7--6--5---|E-5--4--3---|Then right back into that main riff.
At around 2:22, Les calls out "One, two!" and this part ensues:e---------------------|b---------------------|g---------------------|d-7--10--9--77--------|a-7--10--9--77--------|E-5--8---7--55--------|
After that, the guitar noises you hear are just Ler LaLonde playing random slide notes. can make pretty much the same solo just running a slide up and down your neck while random notes. The only part of the "solo" is that it ends on the D# on the high e string, which is:e--11----
After that is all said and done, the song goes right back into the main riff. At the very end of the song, the guitarist just plays a quick flurry of notes. It's not vital to the song, but if you need to know how to play it, it's in the neighborhood of pentatonic major scale in the key of B. He just kind of hammers down the scale. After that, you are done!
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