Prince - Little Red Corvette tab

Prince- Little Red Corvette

Tabber: John Ruble

I did the lyrics the best i could off the top of my head... please dont be like those
who rate a tab bad just because the lyrics are wrong.  you want lyrics, go to
but leave this for people who actually wanna play guitar.  btw i think it sounds more 
the song if you play these with power chords.  easier too.

(tuned 1/2 step up, or use a capo on the first fret)

Guess I hould have known

            Bm                                                  E
By the way you popped your collar sideways

                 G          F
That it wouldn't last...

You the kinda person

Who believes in makin' out once,

      E                   G              F
Love 'em and leave 'em fast...

But I guess I must be dumb,

She had a pocket full of horses,

   E               G                 F
Trojans, some of them used...

But it was Saturday night,

I guess that makes it alright

And I say "what have I got to lose"?

                          Am   Bm       C
Honey, I say, Little Red Corvette!

Solo: Am | Bm | C

thats it... any questions, E-mail me at
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