Prince - Scandalous tab

By Prince from "Batman" (1989)
Tabbed by FunknFresh
Transcribed for guitar

Intro riff (transcribed for guitar)
         Abmaj7   Dbmaj7   N.C.         Abmaj7   Dbmaj7    NC

Gb(addG#) Fm Bbm Bb*7 NC etc
Verse 1 Abmaj7 Dbmaj7 N.C. Come closer Abmaj7 Dbmaj7 NC Feel what youíve been dyin for Gb(addG#) Fm Bbm Bb*7 NC Donít be afraid, baby. Touch it and explode. (Same pattern is followed for verse 2Ö) Understand, understand that I love you Ah, but more than that, I want you Everybody always told me good things come to those who wait But Iíve got so much on the menu, I just canít, I just canítÖ (untilÖ) Abmaj7 Dbmaj7(sus4) Dbmaj7 I canít wait baby, I canít wait Abmaj7(addE) Amaj7(addB) baby, to wrap Dbmaj7(addA) Dbmaj7 my legs all around you girl Gb(addG) Cuz sugar you know youíre just the kind of lover Fm6 Iíve been looking for Bbm Tonight why donít we skip all the foreplay mama Fb*7 and just get down here on the floor? Chorus Ab Dbmaj7 Scandalous Iím talking about you and me Ab Dbmaj7 Marvelous Baby, baby, canít you see? Gb Fm Anything you ever dreamed of Iím willing to be Bbm Fb*7 Tonight is gonna be scandalous cuz tonight Iím gonna be your fantasy (then comes a solo-type of part (ďMy dearest, my dearestĒ) which follows this chord pattern, slightly different than before) Abmaj7 Dbmaj7 N.C. Abmaj7 Dmaj7 NC Gb(addG#) Fm Bbm Bb(?) Verse 3 (same as Verse 1 except where indicated *) Whisper, whisper a question With my body, Iíll scream a reply Ebm7* Anythingís acceptable Just ask me and Iíll try To hell with hesitation Bb(?)* To hell with reasons why Outro Essentially the same as Verse 1 Note: There are various keyboard riffs he plays throughout the song which I will transcribe at a later date. Chords (EADGBE) Abmaj7 (4655xx) Dbmaj7 (x46564) Gb(addG#) (244324) Fm (133111) Bbm (x13321) Bb*7 (012020) Dbmaj7(sus4) (x46574) Abmaj7(addE) (46555x) Abmaj7(addB) (4655x7) Dbmaj7(addA) (x47564) Gb(addG) (xx4323) Fm6 (133131) Ab (466544) Gb (244322) Bb(?) (xx2324) Ebm7 (x68676)
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