Princess Nokia – Your Eyes Are Bleeding chords

|F |F |F |Dm
|F |F |F |Dm

F DmHolding on to things I had, I bottle up inside
F DmWanna face my demons but denial makes me high
F DmThought I had it figured out, I guess it was a lie
F DmThought I was a grown-up but I'm really just a child
F DmLookin' back on things I had, I ruin everything
F DmEverything's my fault and it's the bad luck that I bring
F DmMy idea of forever is fleetin' in itself
F DmEveryone I love has an expiration shelf
F DmEveryone I love leaves me when I need them most
F DmMy little heart is broken and the world will pay the cost
F DmSmash my heart in pieces (smash my heart in pieces)
F DmIt looks so good on the floor (it looks good on the floor)
FNow I really hate you (you know I hate you)
DmAnd I wanna hate you more (you know I hate you more)
FI will climb a mile for you (I would climb a mile)
DmIn fact I always did (you know I always did)
FYou gave me a fraction of what (gave me a fraction)
DmI had to give (what I had to give)
F DmMy eyes are bleeding, I'm sick and still not eating
F DmGot nothing to believe in, I'm not so lucky
FI thought you'd love me
F DmI thought you'd love me
FI thought you'd love me
F DmI thought you'd love me
[Outro] |F |F |F |Dm |F |F |F |Dm
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