Princessa – I Wont Forget You tab

Title: I Won't Forget You
   Artist: PrincessA
   Album: I Won't Forget You
   extra tabbings by Takai

   Very nice song here, got the chords part from win-ams (Thanx man!)
   Just worked on the intro part to make it more perfect.
   Dance to the song~~~


e------------------------------------------------------ B------------14-12-11-----14-12-11--------------------- G--12--12/13----------14-----------7-12---------------- D------------------------------------------------------ E------------------------------------------------------
e------------------------------------------------------ B------------14-12-11-----14-14-16-11------------------ G--12--12/13----------14--------------12--------------- D------------------------------------------------------ E------------------------------------------------------
verse Bm A the fading light of day G lingers on your sleeping face Bm A my lover's lullabye lately lost its G G tender grace ummm ummm verse 2 Bm somewhere in your dreams tonight A G let my lips come close to you and hold me tight Bm after all i hardly bare A G to turn my back to loving arms and leave you there(baby) Chorus 1: D A Bm i, i wont forget you, i wont regret G D i wont forgive you, anymore no more G G and i wont forget you anymore no more D A Bm i, i wont forget you, and i won't regret you G D A-Bm-G and i wont forgive you anymore no more verse 3 Bm A we said our first hello beneath a G blue umbrella sky Bm A a simple moment shared by G strangers who were passing by Bm people say when youre in love A G it seems as if tomorrow almost never comes Bm after all your loving touch A through my eyes of love to me it G D means so much and thats why chorus 2 A Bm i wont forget you and i wont regret you G D i wont forgive you, anymore, no more A Bm G i wont forget you and i never let you D-A-Bm-G anymore, no more D-A-Bm-G (anymore, no more) (chorus 2) 2x coda: G D i will never let you anymore, no more A Bm anymore, no more, anymore, no more G D A Bm-G-D anymore, no more, anymore, no more .....anymore
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